Reflecting a unique family design view

The original Edelman NYC showroom concept was born through an impromptu meeting with Arthur and Teddy Edelman while designing their sample packaging. A challenge was given to create a showroom that showcased the attributes of leather. Edelman Leather represented a smaller tannery with a family run perspective towards design, with a unique perspective and innovative collaborative ventures.

The project was to use no synthetic applied finishes, with all materials being true to their nature. Design inspiration was influenced by Pierre Chareau‘s modern designs. One unique stipulation was that David Edelman, a metal fabricator was to be involved in the project and fabricate the showroom, thus including raw steel as a design element. The project features rolling raw finish steel metal racks for leather display, beeswax finished plywood furnishings and Edelman leather floor tiles.

The Edelman Leather showroom was published in Interior Design magazine. Subsequent new showrooms have followed the original to present day.

Edelman Leather

NYC, New York