Vietnamese retail gathering place

Vibrant life revolves around socialization. Both intimate and group gatherings seek out places that engage. The vibrancy of the street, markets, and small shops has an energy that is often lost with large-scale retail developments. Golden Hill retail center in Ho Chi Minh City is planned as an extension of Vietnamese neighborhood street culture, offering the celebration of cuisine, a sense of discovery and place, along with social interaction fulfilling the basic human need of being with and enjoying others.

Dynamic massing compositions, public open spaces, and outdoor terraced restaurants elevate Golden Hill to the status of an innovative leader in the HCMC retail market. Outdoor dining, public promotions, and activities all attract the vibrant energy that comes with world’s great gathering spaces. Exterior green walls, terraces, grand entries, and humanscale public features merging into internal gardens, graceful lines, and organic forms define Golden Hill as a unique retail destination.

Golden Hill

HCMC, Vietnam