Shaping the Wangfujing brand

Partnerships endure and the result is a deeper understanding of brand and market. After working with Wangfujing for over 10 years on more than 30 renovation and planning projects across China, the Wangfujing Dazhonsi project was a pivotal design representing spirit and energy of the Wangfujing brand.

The location was originally designed and partially constructed as a shopping center when Wangfujing acquired the site, which required many adaptations to transform it into a department store. The 30,000m Beijing department store features three unique fashion zones, each designed to appeal to a broad range of audiences. The upper levels were originally intended as a Cinema with stadium seating and provided unique double height volumes. Multiple escalator wells are connected through clearly orchestrated sightlines, creating a unique multi-volume retail experience.

Work completed while at Callison LLC


Beijing, China