Reinventing the hotel lobby

To better serve the 24/7 work patterns of today’s sophisticated business traveler, Renaissance and Marriott Hotels embarked on revolutionizing their approach of how to best utilize existing and future public spaces.

The traditional front desk, bell stand, concierge area, gift shop and business center of the lobby were all re-evaluated and modified. In the place of empty, non-productive spaces, the concept of “The Great Room” was created—an adaptable public area for work, socializing and relaxation—without formal boundaries that hinder flexibility to tailor spaces to fit the time of day activity. Guests are easily able to transition in the Great Room from a work place to a social one with comfortable lounge and bar. Through this prototype design, Marriott is able to create more value and demand by transforming low-use areas to profitable, energized and differentiated experiences that have been rolled out throughout the world.

Work completed while at Callison LLC.
Photos shown are executions of the prototype concept designed by others.

Marriott Hotels



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